XG Aluminium Step Ladder with Hand Rails | Model : L-XG137AH


Steps (Platform Height): 4 (120cm)
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Aluminum Step Ladder | Model : L-XG137AH 

Features :  

  • Excellent impact/corrosion/abrasion resistance  
  • Convenient tray for holding tools 
  • PP slip-resistant foot with aluminum outer frame 
  • High strength riveted step  


  • Maximum Capacity : 150 kg 
  • Step Space : 30 cm
  • Platform Size : 25 * 29 cm
  • Fence height : 60 cm   


Proper Selection

  1. Select ladder of proper length reach working height.
  2. IMPORTANT: Ladders are designed to support one person plus materials and tools not more than the working load on the notice sign on this ladder.


  1. Inspect upon receipt and before each use; never climb a damaged, bent or broken ladder, all parts must be in good working order.
  2. Make sure all rivets, joints, nuts and bolts are tight; steps and rungs secure; spreaders and pall shelf function properly.
  3. Keep ladder clean, free from grease, oil, mud, snow, wet paint, and other slippery material. Keep your shoes clean, leather soles should not be used.
  4. Never make temporary repairs of damage or missing parts.
  5. Destroy ladder if broken, worn or if exposed to fine or chemical corrosion.

Proper Set-up

  1. Make sure ladder is fully open, spreaders secure, pail shelf in position.
  2. Place on firm level surface with a secure footing. Do not use on slippery surfaces. Do not place on boxes, unstable bases or scaffolds to gain additional eight. Do not place in front of door opening toward ladder.

Proper Climbing And Use

  1. DO NOT USE LADDERS if you tire easily, are subject to fainting spells, are using medicine or alcohol or are physically impaired.
  2. To protect children, do not leave ladder set-up and unattended.
  3. Face ladder when climbing up or down: keep body centered between side rails.
  4. Maintain a firm grip. Use both hands in climbing.
  5. Never climb ladder from the side unless ladder is secured against side-wise motion.
  6. Do not overreach move ladder when needed.
  7. Do not "walk" or "jog" ladder when standing on it.
  8. Do not stand, climb or sit on ladder top, pail shelf, braces or bd section.
  9. Do not overload, ladders are meant for one person. Do not use as brace, platform or plank.
  10. Keep ladder close to work, avoid pushing or pulling off to the side of ladders.

Propen Care And Storage

  1. Store ladder in safe and dry place.
  2. Properly secure and support step stool while in transit.
  3. Never store materials on ladder.
  4. Keep ladder clean and free from all foreign materials.

*There might be minor defects on the ladder during delivery but quality is not affected.

Please take note for ladder, we will have redelivery charge of $50/unit in case of exchange

You must factor in the platform height and working height you need, and check if the ladder can fit into your lift and storage

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