XD-020 Oil Lubricated 750w 240v 50hz Single-Stage Rotary Vacuum Pump | Model : VP-XP020

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XD-020 Oil Lubricated 750w 240v 50hz Single-Stage Rotary Vacuum Pump | Model : VP-XP020

Features : 

  • XD series vacuum pump is a single-stage rotary vane oil-sealed vacuum pump, which is one of main low and medium vacuum equipment's. It can be used separately and be as fore pump of vacuum pump, mechanical booster pump, and turbo molecular pump.
  • XD series vacuum pumps are available for low and medium vacuum fields, which are mainly used for pumping air and other dry gases rather than corrosive, toxic, flammable and explosive gases. Furthermore, they cannot pump the gases containing tiny particles or dust and cannot transport other small objects.
  • XD series vacuum pumps can work for long term in the well-ventilated room with ambient temperature of 5-30 ºC and with humidity ≤80%. In addition to the above applications, the XD series vacuum pumps can be available other applications, such as:
    • 1. To increase the amount of the pumping gas and to improve the vacuum degree, please combine with Roots pumps to form a unit for this.

      2. If pumping moist air or condensable gas, the condenser can be installed before the vacuum pump and the gas ballast valve is installed on the vacuum pump.

      3. If pumping the gases containing dust particles, the dust filters can be installed in front of the vacuum pump.

      4. If pumping the corrosive gases, the corrosion-proof gas filter can be installed in front of the vacuum pump. 

Specifications : 

  • Model : XD-020
  • Pumping Rate :  20  m3/h
  • Pressure Limit : 0.1 ~ 0.5 mbar 
  • Motor power : 0.75 kw (Single phase 0.9kw)
  • Motor Speed : 2880 r/min
  • Nosie : <62 db
  • Allowable steam pressure : 40 mbar
  • Working Water steam : 0.3 kg/h
  • Working Temperature : 82  (ºC)
  • Oil Volume : 0.5 L
  • Weight : 13 kg
  • Air intake Thread : RP3/4"
  • Dimensions : 650 x 300 x 280mm

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