World Brand 800 Adhesive 5Gal, 18L | Model : GLUE-W8005

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  • Uses:
    • A quality synthetic rubber - super - strong, "flexible, water-proof, chemical resistant. Will bond almost anything- natural & simulated leathers, poromeric materials. fabrics vulcanized, rubber , wood, glass, metals, ceramics, hardboards, linoleum, most rigid plastics & concrete. 
  • Directions For Use:
    • Mix Well before using
    • Ensure surfaces to be bonded are dry and clean
    • Spread a thin coat on each surface to be bonded
    • Allow adhesive to dry for 3 minutes before bonding 
    • Press together with hands, hammer, press or smoothing machine
  • Safety Directions:
    • Avoid contact with the skin and eyes and avoid breathing the vapour. Do not siphon with mouth. Keep this package tightly closed. If stored under cover ensure adequate ventilation. Keep away from all sources of ignition - no smoking. Vapours can form flammable mixtures with air. Take precautions against static electricity discharges. For example these can occur through the use of common cleaning implements, In case of fire use foam/dry powder/C02 - Never use water. Do not weld, heat or drill this container. Emptied container may still contain materials which may ignite with explosive force if heated sufficiently. Avoid spillage. Do not empty into drains. Dipose of container and contents in an environmentally safe manner. Do not reuse container for any other products.
  • Storage:
    • Store in a Cool and Dry condition " Keep out of reach of children 


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