Termites(White Ants) Preservative Oil - 1gal (For Exterior & Interior Use) | Model : WA


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Termites (White Ants) Wood Preservative Oil - 1gal (For Exterior & Interior Use) | Model : WA

Features : 

  • Areas of Applications
    • Preparation: Wood should be bare, dry and free of
      ally treatment which prevents penetration.
      Smooth or rough sawn wood may be treated.
      Cutting, planing. drilling, etc of timber should be completed before applying Moisture content should be less than 21% at the time of treatment.
    • Kills Termites 
  • Coverage:
    • -o so metres per licre - on various wood
  • Technical data
    • Drying time:
      Dependent upon method of treatment. nature of woods.
      temperacure and weacher
      conditions. Treated timber is dry only when all solvent has evaporated
  • Brushing
    • up to 12-24 hours:
      timbers should be open stacked - with
      spacers for 48 hours before close stacking.
  • Ingredients 
    • Preventol, Prementhrin, Xyligen, Hydrocarbon. etc.

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