Acas Hand Staple Gun A-SG08 (4mm-8mm)

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Acas Hand Staple Gun A-SG08 (4mm-8mm)

Product Description :

  • For tacking and stapling uses
  • Used with fine wire staples
  • Fits the following staples : ARROW® JT-21, ESCO #350, KWB #053, NOVUS #53, RAPID #53, ROCAFIX #3, RAPID #13 and JANN YEI 906F, 908F.
  • Made in Taiwan

How to load staples?

1. Push staple feeder inwards, then press down to pull out the empty staple feeder

2. Pull the empty staple feeder all the way out

3. Load a strip of staples into the tunnel

4. Slide the staple feeder in

5. Push the staple feeder upwards to its locked position

Troubleshooting :

A. Remove and empty staple feeder spring cartridge. To release the jammed staples, press down the clogging release button, pull out the staple holder then remove the staples

B. Reload the staples into the feeder and press it down to its locked position

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