Wessbond 50g (Blue Tack) Stik-On Multipurpose Reusable Adhesive | Model : WSB-SO-8

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Features : 

  • Stik-On can be used on walls, vinyl coated wall papers, painted surfaces, plastics, metals, ceramics, glass, etc. No stains, no mess.
  • At home : 
    • Calendars
    • Posters
    • Party Decorations
    • Telephone Base
    • Candle stands
    • Flower Vase Base
  • At Office :
    • Calculators
    • Safety signs
    • Stamp pads
    • Planners
    • Maps
    • Desk Accessories.

How to use Stik-On : 

  • Ensure surfaces are clean & dry and free from grease and oil. Tear off a piece of Stik-On. Roll into a blob. Knead the blob until it is soft and supply. Place the Stik-On blob between the surfaces to be fastened. Press firmly.
  • The strength of Stik-On increases with time. To remove, roll the adhesive off the surface. Any remaining bits of Stik-On can be removed by dabbing the blob of adhesive over the area. You can use the removed adhesive again and again.
  • Do not use on heavy objects. Do not use Stik-On for absorbent surfaces. On some surfaces, Stik-On may leave a faint oily mark. This can sometimes be removed with lighter fuel or dry cleaning fluid. 

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