TOP-1 Formula HI-TEMP Grease 454g | GREASE-TOP (Obsolete)

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TOP-1 Formula HI-TEMP Grease 454g | GREASE-TOP (Obsolete) 


TOP 1 SYNTHETIC HI-TEMP GREASE is a multi-purpose lithium complex grease formulated with synthetic base oils, and includes our proprietary synthetic organometallic antimonies which results in this balanced formula grease unsurpassed in adhesive and film strength quality. This grease is designed to “stay-in-place” under the most severe operating conditions to resist water wash-out and wear from shock loading. TOP 1 SYNTHETIC HIGH-TEMP GREASE’s high Timken OK load provides more than twice the protection than conventional greases.


  • Premium quality synthetic lithium complex grease
  • Fully additive treated: EP/Anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibited
  • NLGI “GC-LB” rated for use as a lubricant for the drive shaft, chassis, and wheel bearing
  • An exceptionally versatile multipurpose grease: Recommended for use whenever a grease is used in autos, buses, heavy & light-duty trucks
  • Highly water washout resistant and water insoluble
  • Excellent for heavy duty industrial use
  • Superior wheel bearing and chassis performance

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