Pilot Whiteboard Line Tape 1.8mm x 16.4m | Model : #WBT-EF018


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Pilot Whiteboard Line Tape 1.8mmx16.4m | Model : #WBT-EF018

Product Description :

  • The self-adhesive PILOT line tape, reeled in dispenser, gives you the freedom and versatility to design the planning board you want. With this line tape, you are now able to create permanent lines on your white boards without damaging your white board.
  • This line tape can also be used for design and crafting such as letterings and illustration purposes. Truly Multi-Functional.
  • Length: 16.4m
  • Tape Colour: Black 
  1. Ensure board surface is clean and dry.
  2. Stick the end of the tape firmly to the board, pressing the tape using your finger and slowly glide the dispenser.
  3. Along a ruler edge for a straight line.
  4. Along a curved edge for a circle.
  5. Lastly, press tight and tear the line. (It is recommended that you draft the line before using the line tape.)

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