Nilfisk T40W L100 Industrial Vacuum for Metal Production with KIT ACC.D.50 General Cleaning (Z7 24146)

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Nilfisk T40W L100 Industrial Vacuum for Metal Production with KIT ACC.D.50 General Cleaning  (Z7 24146)
Features :

4 kW, great airflow, tailored for metal production

Model T40W is a threephase industrial vacuum generating a great airflow. This means that it is ideal to collect high quantities of chips, dust and other production waste very fast. Model T40W can also collect liquids.

Model T40W is equipped with L or M class filter for the collection of very fine dust, moreover it can also mount an HEPA absolute filter for the collection of hazardous dust. T40W is the most appreciated model in the metal industries all over the world.

  • 4 kW side channel blower on a strong chassis
  • 50 or 100 L container
  • Gravity unload system with plastic bag or Longopac ("endless bag")
  • Compact design
  • Silent
  • L and M class filter
  • HEPA H14 absolute filter
  • Manual filter shaker
  • Vacuometer
  • Plug with inverterAccessories box, cable/hose holder
  • Container with castors and handle

Specifications :

  • Model No 4030500074
    Voltage (V) 400
    Weight (kg) 139
    Container capacity (L) 100
    Main filter area (cm²) 19500
    Frequency (Hz) 50
    Insulation class I
    Inlet (mm) 70
    IP protection class 55
    Main filter type Polyester Star Filter
    Rated power (kW) 4
    Upstream HEPA H14 filter (if present) (cm²)
    Gravity unload with plastic bag
    Airflow without hose (m³/h - l/m) 489 - 8150
    Max. vacuum (kPa - mbar) 30 - 300
    Sound pressure level (dB(A)) 72
    Length x width x height (mm) 1130x600x1530
    L class filter
    Three phase side channel blower
    Release container system
    Chassis on wheels with brakes
    Accessory container
    Plug with phase inverter
    Vacuum meter
    Switch motor protector
    Relief valve
    Manual filter shaker
    Hose and cable holder

Accessories included :

  • Kit Acc.d.50 General Cleaning (Z7 24146)

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