Sika AnchorFix 1N 300ML | Model : SIKA-A1N

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Sika AnchorFix 1N 300ML  (12PC/BOX) | Model : SIKA-A1N

Sika AnchorFix 1N is solvent and styrene free based, two-component polyester anchoring adhesive.


Sika AnchorFix®-1 N may only be used by experienced professionals. As a fast curing anchoring adhesive for all grades of: ▪ Rebars / reinforcing steel ▪ Threaded rods ▪ Bolts and special fastening systems ▪ In the following substrates: ▪ Hollow and solid masonry ▪ Hard natural stone* ▪ Solid rock* * These substrates may vary greatly, in particular with regard to strength, composition and porosity. Therefore, for each application the suitability of Sika AnchorFix®-1 N Adhesive must be tested by first applying Sika AnchorFix®-1 N Adhesive only to a sample area. Check in particular bond strength, surface staining and discolouration.


▪ Fast curing

▪ Standard guns can be used

▪ Can be used at low temperatures

▪ ETA to ETAG 029 for anchoring in masonry

▪ Non-sag, even overhead

▪ Styrene-free

▪ Low odour

▪ Low wastage


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