Riland TIG200PGDM Come With 8m TIG26 Torch & 3m Ground & Welding Cable| Model: W-TIG200PGDM-R


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Riland TIG200PGDM Come With 8m TIG26 Torch & 3m Ground & Welding Cable| Model: W-TIG200PGDM-R


  • Advanced IGBT inverter technology delivers superior TIG performance.
  • Built‐in Micro Chip. Inside software upgradeable to improve the welding performance.
  • Multi functions: HF TIG, LIFT TIG and MMA
  • LED Display shows the welding current. 
  • Under TIG mode arcing way selectable: with HF or without HF, suitable for various applications
  • Full Function in TIG mode: 2T/4T function, Pre‐flow gas time, start current, up slope time, peak current, down slope time, basic current, pulse frequency, duty cycle of pulse and post flow gastime adjustable.
  • Auto‐Adaptive arc force and hot start current under MMA function. 
  • Intelligent protection: over‐voltage, over‐loading and over‐heating.
  • Fan as needed, reduces noise and dust inside the machine. 
  • Energy‐efficient: power factor more than 0.7, efficiency more than 85%. 
  • Portable with handle, you can take it anywhere.

Accesssories included:

  • Inverter power source with 3m input power cord 
  • 4m TIG26 torch 
  • Stick electrode holder,3.0m cable with Euro plug (KJO‐50) 
  • Earth clamp,3.0m cable with Euro plug(KJO‐50) 
  • Tungsten electrode 

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