Riland CT520 3-in-1 Multi Process Welding Machine (MMA/TIG/CUT) C/W Compressor, Accessories | Model : W-CT520


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Riland CT520 3-in-1 Multi Process Welding Machine (MMA/TIG/CUT) C/W Built-In Compressor, Accessories | Model :  W-CT520

Features :

  • Process: CUT, TIG, MMA
  • Built-in compresssor
  • Adjustable post-flow
  • Self-adaptive Arc force and Hot start built-in, anti-sticking
  • Quality cut up to 5mm thickness carbon steel, max cut up to 10mm
  • Easy arc ignition with HF for cutting
  • Smooth and neat cutting surface
  • Tri-proof air duct design

Specification :

Input voltage (V) 1P 220V±15%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated Input (kVA) CUT: 5.3 /  TIG : 4.1 / MMA : 5.1
Output Current/Voltage/Duty Cycle (40℃) CUT: 40A/96V/30%, 30A/92V/100%
TIG: 180A/17.2V/30%, 150A/16V/100%
MMA: 160A/26.4V/30%, 135A/25.4V/100%
Amps input at Rated Output CUT : 30.4A@40A
TIG : 26A@180A
MMA : 33.1A@160A
Welding current range (A) CUT: 20-40/258V
TIG : 10-180/58V
MMA : 10-160/58V
Rated output voltage range (V) CUT: 231 /  TIG : 66 / MMA : 66
Power factor 0.738
Efficiency (%) 72%
Insulation grade F
Housing protection grade IP21
Power source Weight (kg) 20
Overall dimension (L*W*H mm) 476*340*402


Accessories Included : 

  • Inverter power source
  • Earth clamp, 3m
  • TIG torch, 4m
  • CUT torch, 5m
  • Gas hose, 3m
  • Hose clamp, 2pcs
  • Tungsten electode

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