Riland ARC250GT Welding Machine 220V C/W 3m Ground And Welding Cable | Model : W-ARC250GT


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Riland ARC250GT Welding Machine 220V C/W 3m Ground And Welding Cable | Model : W-ARC250GT

Features :

  • Application : Light steel structure, Machinery maintenance, Sheet metal Processing Mild steel, Stainless steel, alloyed steel, etc
  • Equipped with RILAND self-developed RICHI chip anduse the 70KHz latest high grade IGBT technology.
  • Wide range input voltage: 220V±15%.
  • LED Display shows the welding current.
  • Adopt intelligent MCU control with high reliability,built-in power management system.
  • Anti-stick function built-in, preventing against overloading the unit and easing removal of the electrode.
  • Auto-Adaptive arc force and hot start current.
  • Equipped with an output reactor, it can be welded withacid and basic electrodes, even cellulose electrodes.
  • Perfect intelligent protection system: automaticprotection of current sudden change, overheating, inputvoltage fluctuation, etc.
  • Non-stop welding for 2.5 or 3.2mm(4.0mm) electrode,for ARC 250GT even can welding 4.0mm electrode.
  • Generator set okay

Specification :

Design standards IEC/EN60974-1
Input voltage (V) 1P 220V±15%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
Rated max. supply current (I1max) 40.8
Max. effective supply current (I1eff) 22.3
Welding current range (A) 30-210
Rated output current range (A) 30-190
Rated output voltage range (V)  21.2-27.6
Rated duty cycle (40℃) 190A/30%
Duty cycle (25℃) 190A/60%
No-load voltage (V) 60
Power factor 0.73
Efficiency (%) 80%
Insulation grade F
Housing protection grade IP21
Power source Weight (kg) 5.8
Overall dimension (L*W*H mm) 402×160×300

Accessories Included :

  • 1 set electrode holder,3m
  • 1 set earth clamp,3m

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