Ogura HPC-N209W Hydraulic Hole Puncher | Model : OG-HPC-N209W

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Ogura HPC-N209W Hydraulic Hole Puncher | Model : OG-HPC-N209W

Features :

  • New punch design makes it easier to confirm the hole position.
  • "Double acting" hydraulic return for jam free operation.
  • Hole puncher is specifically designed to provide high quality holes quickly and efficiently.
  • Maximum hole size: φ20 ⁄ t9mm (mild steel)
  • "N" series is
  • The new "N" series punchers are double acting with a new designed punch holder for longer life. The "N" series punch has also been redesigned so that only one punch is required to punch the range of materials: mild steel, stainless steel, angle iron and channel steel. The center of the punch has been made wider for easier positioning.
  • - Both punching and retracting are completed by hydraulic power. This solves the "punch jammed" problem and allows uninterrupted and faster work.
  • - Following a review by our customers, we changed the design of the die, punch & punch holder to make them more durable and to make the setting of the punch & die easier.
  • - Only one die for flat bar, angle steel and channel flange is required. It is not necessary to change the die when punching different materials or thicknesses.
  • ※Thinner material (t2-3.2mm) may have some burrs or deformation.
  • - New punch design makes it easier to confirm the hole position.

Specifications : 

Motor Single-Phase, 110-120V/220-240V, 50/60Hz, 1050W, Double Insulation
Weight 11.3 kg / 24.9 lbs
Dimensions 529 (L) x 127 (W) x 315 (H) mm
20.8 x 5 x 12.4 in
Max. Throat Depth 40 mm / 1.57 in
Hole Shape Round / Oblong
Max. Hole Size Mild steel (65,000 psi): Φ20/t9 mm
Stainless steel (89,000 psi): Φ20/t6 mm
Standard Accessories punch Φ14 mm, die SB14, tommy bar, spanner (8 × 10 mm), hex wrenches, hydraulic oil, carrying case, grip, strap, work stand
Option slide stopper for max. throat depth

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