Ogura HBC-232 Electro - Hydraulic Rebar Cutter | Model : OG-HBC-232

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Ogura HBC-232 Electro - Hydraulic Rebar Cutter | Model : OG-HBC-232

Features :

  • For professionals that demand the best for cutting D32/#10 high tensile rebar
  • The powerful motor is double insulated and can easily handle the hardest of tasks
  • Fitted with special grip to make working and carrying between jobs easier

Specifications : 

Motor Single-Phase, 110-115V/220-230V, 50/60Hz, 1430W, Double Insulation
Weight 37.6 kg / 82.9 lbs
Dimensions 543 (L) x 168 (W) x 289 (H) mm
21.38 × 6.61 × 11.38 in
Max. Cutting Capacity Max.D32 / #10 (620N/mm2 (63kgf/mm2))* = grade60
*Please use SP blade for longer cutting life.
Cutting Speed approx. 7.0 seconds
Standard Accessories Wooden box, Hydraulic oil, Hex wrenches (4 · 5 · 6 · 8 · 10 mm), Spanner (17 mm & 30 mm)

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