Nippon 1" Painters Tape 006 (50Pcs/Box) | Model : TAPE-N006-10-B


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Nippon 1" Painters Tape 006 (50Pcs/Box) | Model : TAPE-N006-10-B

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  • General purpose, strong adhesive.
  • Ideal for trim marking.
  • Easy hand tearing, yet resists slivering.
  • Easy removal without residue.

Application Instructions:

  • Before painting, use masking tape to protect light switches,
    electrical sockets, window frames and wood work.
  • Strip 8 to 10 inches of tape from the roll and use the roll itself, held tightly against the wall, to pull the tape straight.
  • Remove tape at about a 45-degree angle to the painted surface to minimize the tendency for paint to peel.
  • Do not use outdoor as UV may cause tape to become very difficult to remove.

***Sold per piece

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