Mepcato 3" 220V Construction Submersible Pump (Auto) | Model : WP-CPF-2.75SA/3G


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Mepcato 3" 220V Construction Submersible Pump(Auto) | Model : WP-CPF-2.75SA/3G

Features : 

    • ITALY imported mechanical seal in oil chamber
    • SPECIAL vortex impeller designed for stirring sand and silt in water that needs to be transferred.
    • Solid stainless steel body and cast iron pump casing 
    • The vortex impeller offers excellent wear resistance in site application where water contains sand and silt in suspension
    • Special stirring device help to reduce blockages
    • Cable wires are upgraded by filling epoxy to raise humidity resistance
  • Applications : 
    • Suitable for clean water, salt water and industrial water
    • An ideal small and robust submersible contractor's pump for a wide range of applications where-ever water has to be moved.
    • CCS = Stainless Steel Pump head
    • CP = Plastic Pump Head
    • Model with F is submersible pump with floating level control = Auto (CPF= Plastic Pump Head + Floater)

Specifications : 

      • 2.75SA/3G models :
        • Power : 1100W
        • Voltage: 220V
        • Current: 4.8 A
        • Pole: 2 P
        • Phase: 1
        • Frequency:  50 Hz
        • Insulation: B
        • Caliber : 3"
        • Max. Head : 16m 
        • Max. Capacity : 0.3m^3/min
        • Max Water Temperature: <= +40 Degree Celsius
        • Protection Class: IP68

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