Mcc Bolt Cutter 30" 750mm (Center Cut) | Model : MCC-BC-0775


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Mcc Bolt Cutter 30" 750mm (Center Cut) | Model : MCC-BC-0775


The blade is made by unique heat treatment of special steel, has excellent sharpness and durability and opening of blade tip can be easily adjusted.

Features :

  • Long-lasting new condition by detail design in every single components.
  • Extra durability guaranteed by superior raw materials, heat treatment and precision process.

    Specifications :

    • Model: BC-0775
    • Size m/m(inch): 750 (30")
    • Max Capacity/Metal Hardness:
      • 80 HRB Rod: 13(1/2")
      • 20 HRC Rod: 13(1/2")
      • 36 HRC Rod: 10(3/8")

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