Makita DX08 Dust Extractor Attachment with Hepa Filter Cleaning Mechanism | Model : M*199579-7 (DX08)

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Features : 

  • Osha Table 1 compliant on-board dust extractor includes a filter cleaning mechanism designed to help maintain optimum suction efficiency
  • Extractor is powered by separate motor allowing the rotary hammer to consistently maintain peak drilling performance
  • Captures concrete Dust during drilling; activated by the tool and provides a 3-second delay to help capture remaining dust
  • Efficient HEPA filtration system captures 99.97% of particulates .3 microns and larger
  • Two stage extractor extension allows drilling up to 3-1/2" And maximum 7-1/2" Deep; up to 1-1/8" Diameter holes

Specifications :

  • Model : DX08
  • Item Weight : 4.14 pounds 
  • Product Dimensions : 13.6 x 15.1 x 4.1"

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