Honeywell North White Safety Helmet With Chin Strap (NSB10001) | Model : HELMET-H-WH


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Honeywell North White Safety Helmet With Chin Strap (NSB10001) | Model : HELMET-H-WH

In workplace environments such as industrial or construction sites, high rotations of personnel are common practice and providing dozens of workers with certified head protection can be expensive. Stop wondering whether to choose price over quality. Have them both. Honeywell North Short Brim Hard Hat combines the two world-recognized brands' heritages into a new cost-effective, certified head protection solution. Honeywell North delivers protection, quality and performance to you and your workers every day. Benefit from effective performance and durability with hard hats that can be used for a long time, thus reducing costs in your organization even more. Increase your comfort with Honeywell North Short Brim Hard Hat's adjustability features to fit multiple head sizes. Choose the cooling efficiency you desire with the vented hard hat or benefit from protection against electrical hazards with the non-vented version. Compatible with other Honeywell PPE and certified to the requirements of the ANSI, CE/EN, CSA and NOM standards, Honeywell North Short Brim Hard Hat offers the quality you need for the price you expect.

Features :

  • HDPE Type I hard hat
  • ANSI, CSA and NOM certifications
  • Ratchet 4 point suspension
  • Dual-Locking mechanism, prevents the hard hat to get loose in normal conditions
  • Vented (NSB110) and non-vented (NSB100) options
  • Class E electrical protection (NSB100)
  • Eight color options: White, Yellow, Orange, Grey, Dark Blue, Green, Red and Black
  • Resistant to temperatures from -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to +50°C).
  • Optional 4 point chin strap
  • Compatible with Honeywell headgear (face shields, welding, hearing) CP5005 plastic face-shield bracket, 3796VS1 helmet adapter for cap mounted earmuffs
  • Comfort provides a comfortable solution that can be worn all day

Specifications :

  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Product Type: Hard Hat
  • Colour: White
  • Head Protection Type: Short Brim Baseball
  • Fit Size: One Size Fits Most
  • Accessory Mounting Options: Side-Slots
  • Standards: ANSI, CE/EN, CSA and NOM standards
  • Application: Construction, Manufacturing, Mining, Oil and Gas, Ship Building, Traffic Safety, Utilities
  • Dielectric: Yes
  • Electrical Class: Non-Vented 
  • CSA: Class E
  • High Temperature Resistance: +50° C 
  • Low Temperature Resistance: -30° C
  • Accessory Slots: Yes
  • ANSI Classification: Type 1, Class G
  • Head Protection Suspension Type: Ratchet (4-Point)
  • Head Protection Material: HDPE
  • Visor Material: HDPE
  • Weight: 410g

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