Fujida Petroleum Jelly | Model : FUJIDA-


Size: 500Gms
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Fujida Petroleum Jelly | Model : FUJIDA-

Features : 

  • FUJIDA PETROLEUM JELLY is a highly refined translucent petroleum jelly.
  • It is wholly or nearly tasteless and odorless
  • It exhibits high color stability and does not sweat or separate
  • It is readily miscible with other petroleum products, natural fats and oil
  • It protects machinery parts from corrosion

Specifications :

Colour Translucent white
Melting point (oC) 58
Worked Penetration, @ 25oC 172
Density @70oC (kg/l) 0.8
Flash point (oC) >168
Congealing Point (oC) 52
Kinematic Viscosity @70oC (cST) 13

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