Fire Blanket 1mm x 1m x 30m | Gold colour | Model : HT800

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Fire Blanket 1mm x 1m x 30m | Gold colour | Model : HT800

Features :

HT800 is by far the most commonly used fiberglass insulation cloth in the market. Its usage spill over from the conventional ship and marine repair to oil and gas, petrochemical and metal construction industries.

HT800 is effectively used to shield against moderate to heavy welding sparks. Its tight and heat treated satin weave pattern results in a thicker, heavier and stronger fabric far more resistant to heat impact from welding sparks as compared to other thinner texturised cloths.

High tensile satin weaved HT800 also has a non hairy texture preventing irritation to the exposed skin common in other lower quality fabric and asbestos cloth. It is used extensively in the ship fabrication and repair industries where heat insulation, insulation lining and extensive welding takes place.

Specification :  

  • Density : 840 grams / square meter
  • Temperature Resistance Capability : 550 °C (Maximum Continuously)
  • Weave Type : Satin
  • Colour : Golden Brown
  • Finish : Texturised
  • Thickness : 1.0mm
  • Width : 1.0m
  • Roll Length : 30m

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