Energy 3X2.5Mm 91M Neoprene Copper | Model : CAB-NC325-G91

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Energy 3X2.5Mm 91M Neoprene Copper  | Model : CAB-NC325-G91

Features : 

  • The cable is suitable for rated voltages Uo / U of 450 / 750V, 300 / 500V and 300 / 300V, and the long term permissible operating temperature of the cable should not exceed 65 ° C.
  • Cable structure is reasonable, soft, wear, mechanical strength. "W" derived cable with weather resistance and a certain oil resistance, suitable for outdoor or contact with oil occasions.
    Rubber-Insulated Neoprene Cables. neoprene has excellent tensile strength and weathering performance

Specifications : 

  • Size : 3 x 2.5 mm (91 mm)

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