Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball | Sizes (Dia.) : 4" (400g) or 6" (1.3kg)

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Size: 6" (1.3kg)
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Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball | Sizes (Dia.) : 4" (400g) or 6" (1.3kg) 

Features : 

  • This product is recommended for fire extinguishing and surveillance for the following types of Fires :
    • Class A - combustable materials (wood, paper, fabric, refuse)
    • Class B - Flammable liquids
    • Class C - Flammable Gases
    • Class E - Electric short circuits
  • No Inspection needed - 5 years shelf life.
  • Further Safety distance during use compared to a fire extinguisher 
  • When the ball bursts, it disperses the powder into a spherical volume of
    • ELB 01= 2 square meters.
    • ELB 02= 1 square meter.

How does it work : 

  • Like a Fire Extinguisher :
    • Throw the Fire ball into the fire
    • Within 3 - 10 seconds in contact with fire, the fire ball explodes 
    • Chemical powder is dispersed over an area of 8-10 square meters and extinguishes the fire
    • The blast also pushes oxygen out of the fire area
  • Like a Sprinkler system
    • Fix up the bracket on a wall near an area you would like to protect against fires
    • Place the Fire Ball in the bracket
    • Go home and sleep soundly. - Fire ball will detonate in case of Fire contact. 

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