Dino-Power Airless Paint Sprayer | Model : AS-DP-X6

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Dino-Power Airless Paint Sprayer | Model : AS-DP-X6

DP X6 sprayers make it easy for DIY Homeowners and handyman to finish the medium size project with speed and finesse. The high-pressure pump delivers a finely atomized spray for a flawless professional finish. 

Features : 

  • Patented Oilless Design 
    • Worldwide first design to lubricate the piston rod automatically, the user will not need to add lubricating oil everyday
  • Stainless Steel Wet Components
    • Delivers high pressure power to spray unthinned paints
  • Flexible Suction Tube
    • Spray directly from 1 or 5 gallon paint containers
  • Durable Frame
    • Compact, lightweight and easy to carry (Gross weight : 10kg)
  • Adjustable Pressure
    • Easy Pressure Control with user-friendly symbols for simple selection of operating modes from low pressure cleaning, medium pressure rolling and high pressure airless painting 
  • Replaceable Worn Parts 
    • The piston rod, O-rings, Gasket etc could be replaced which will save on maintenance cost.

Specifications : 

  • Universal Motor Power : 650W
  • Max. Output Volume : 1.4L/min
  • Max. Tip Size : 0.019"
  • Max. Operating Pressure : 3000 psi
  • Max. Hose Length : 15m

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