Dino Power X51L Airless Paint Sprayer 5.1L/Min 210 Bar 3000W Brushless Motor | Model: AS-DP-X51L

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Dino Power X51L Airless Paint Sprayer 5.1L/Min 210 Bar 3000W Brushless Motor | Model: AS-DP-X51L


X51L Airless Spray Painting Machine with LOW POSITION SUCTION VALVE is equipped with 2500W powerful brushless motor and long piston rod, and X51L Professional Brushless Airless Painting equipment is Designed for everyday use on all residential, industrial and commercial application spraying such as Acrylics, Coating, Drywall Mud, Elastomer, Enamel, Epoxies, Latex, putty, texture, etc.


  • X51L texture sprayer is a standard Long piston pump with a 5L capacity with a max.0.035″ tip size
  • Brushless DC Motor.
    • The airless texture sprayer uses a powerful brushless motor, which is more powerful, durable, and reliable, with no carbon brush and no spark during the spraying; the oil paint or the flammable paint will be no problems.
  • The Advantage Drive System.
    • The drive system ensures long life and much quieter operating noise
  • Automatic pressure Control.
    • The airless painting equipment delivers a consistent spray at any spraying pressure without any fluctuations.
  • Easy Servicing.
    • It’s incredibly durable and easy to service, so less time in the workshop and more time spraying.
  • Solid Steel Frame.
    • It’s been fitted with a chrome plated steel frame; chrome over steel makes this durable cart last for years.
  • High-pressure Prime Valve.
    • Once again, the prime valve has been upgraded, maintenance-free design with high-pressure stand dumping.
  • Toolbox.
    • On-board Toolbox to store tools, tips, filters, and accessories.
  • Brand new DP-6376G Heavy-duty texture spray gun (up to 500bar)

Specifications : 

  • Model : AS-DP-X51L
  • Pressure Controlling : Electronic 
  • Motor Power : 3000 W Brushless Motor
  • Flow Rate : 5.1 L/min
  • Max. tip Size : 0.037"
  • Max. Working Pressure : 210 bar/3045 psi
  • Net Weight : 50.5 kgs 
  • Gross Weight : 66.5 kgs
  • Package : Wooden box (61 x 65 x 87)

Applicable Coating:

  1. Architectural Paints & Coating.
  2. Drywall finishing/ putty/ plaster/ mortar/ texture.
  3. Fireproofing/water-proofing coating.
  4. Floor/ Roof paints & coating.
  5. Road Marking paints.
  6. Protective coating, PU FOAM / Polyurea.

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