DL Tools 14mm Ratchet Crimping Tool for Non-Insulated Terminal | Model : CT2-DLT-14S (DLT-14S)

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Features : 

  • JIS Terminal Range: 1.25, 2, 5.5, 8, 14mm2
  • DIN Terminal Range: 1.5, 2.5, 6, 10, 16mm2
  • Length: 255 mm 
  • Weight: 0.44kg
  1. The newly innovated 5-section design allows one to adjust the preferred tightness
  2. In any case, the upper part tends to loosen after using it for some time. To fix this issue, simply tighten by turning the adjustment button clockwise to reduce the jaw's tolerance
  3. To increase the life span of the tool, all rivets are specially enhanced and they undergo heat treatment
  4. The saw-tooth sections are polished to avoid any buzzing after extruding 
  5. The newly innovated version comes with cushioned handles and a ratchet structure that requires less force 

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