Ckd W3000-10-W Filter Regulator | Model : W3000-10-W

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Ckd W3000-10-W Filter Regulator | Model : W3000-10-W

Features : 

  • Compact modularization: Modular design that unifies the main dimensions (width and depth) of each FRL device compactly.
  • Assembled dimensions are accurately calculated with a simple calculation.
  • The element with long service lifespan incorporates a unique chemical fiber
  • structure that is rough on the surface and becomes finer the further inward it goes.
    Greatly reduced clogs and greatly improved element service lifespan.
  • No rust concerns.
  • Space saving recessed pressure gauge: Past models had a pressure gauge that stuck out of the front surface, wasting space or being at risk of striking the employees.
  • This recessed design is both clean and an improvement to safety.
     Weight is reduced by 50% (compared to C4000) compared to past models.

Specifications :

  • Regulator unit Combinataion : Filter regulator
  • Connection Dia : Rc3/8
  • Min dripping flow rate : 0.03 I/min
  • Max. Operation pressure : 1 Mpa
  • Bowl Guard : presence
  • Flow Dircetion : standard Flow (Right-> Left)
  • Set Pressure Range : 0.05 ~ 0.85 Mpa
  • Filter, Filtration Level : 5μm
  • Compressed Air Quality : General Dry Air
  • Bowl Material : Resin
  • Relief : Relief
  • Drain Storage capacity : 45 Cm

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