Bostik Fireban One L/Stone Expt 870G | Model : SIL-FIREBANONE

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Bostik Fireban One L/Stone Expt 870G | Model : SIL-FIREBANONE

Features : 

  • Bostik Fireban® One is a fire rated intumescent, low modulus, one component, Class-A polyurethane sealant. When cured it will form a tough, flexible fire rated seal capable of cyclic expansion and compression movement of 50% (± 25%) of the original installed joint width. Bostik Fireban One is resistant to normal weathering conditions such as rain, sunlight, snow, sleet, ozone, atmospheric contamination and pollution. Bostik Fireban One can be used on: ? Insitu concrete floors and walls ? Precast and tilt up panels ? Brickwork and blockwork ? Rendered masonry ? Plasterboard (Fire rated and/or acoustic rated) ? Fibre cement sheet (Fire rated and/or acoustic rated)

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