Bosch GCO14-24J Professional Metal Cut-off Saw | Model : B-GCO14-24J

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Bosch GCO14-24J Professional Metal Cut-off Saw | Model : B-GCO14-24J

Features : 

  • High overload capacity for the toughest of applications
  • Increased usage of cutting disc by 20%
  • Softer, smoother starts

Specifications :

Additional data
Cutting disc diameter 355 mm
Cutting disc bore 25.4 mm
No-load speed 3,800 rpm
Cutting capacity at rectangle 45º mitre 107 x 115 mm
Cutting capacity at square 45º mitre 110 x 110 mm
Cutting capacity at L-profile 45º mitre 115 x 115 mm
Tool dimensions (width x length x height) 256 x 520 x 400 mm
Cutting capacity at rectangle 0º 100 x 196 mm
Cutting capacity at square 0º 119 x 119 mm
Cutting capacity at L-profile 0º 130 x 130 mm
Weight 18.1 kg
Rated input power 2,400 W

Accessories included :

GCO 14-24 J Professional
Bare Unit

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