Alteco EpoPutty A+B 2 Part Type Adhesive (Epoxy) | Model : PUTTY-A100 (17953A)

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Alteco EpoPutty A+B 2 Part Type Adhesive (Epoxy) | Model : PUTTY-A100 (17953A)

Features : 

  • Alteco Epo Putty is a versatile two-part epoxy compound.
  • When the two parts are mixed thoroughly together, EPO Putty adheres to most surfaces and will not sag, run or drip.
  • It works on concrete, brick, metal, plastics, wood, fibreglass, painted surfaces, laminates and even under water.
  • Resists temperature up to 120 degree Celsius.
  • Sets in approximately 30 minutes
  • Allow 2.5 hours for curing
  • When cured, it can be drilled, filed, sanded and painted

Directions : 

  1. Clean surfaces free of dirt, grease and dust
  2. Knead until putty is an uniform colour. Apply EPO Putty and work it firmly into surface. Remove any excess material before hardening occurs
  3. Re-wrap unmixed material
  4. For better finish, smooth surface with wet hand before it sets. 

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