Aiko Jump Starter 1200Mah | Model: EPS-K09S

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Features: :

  • Indicator Lights
    • Press the power button to check the battery power level of the jump starter. The number of solid lights indicates the battery level. While charging, the indicator lights will flash one by one. The indicator lights are all solid once the battery reaches full capacity.
  • Charging the Jump Starter
    • Fully charge the unit when initially received and refresh the charge of an unused unit every 2-3months
    • To Charge in a 110V Wall outlet:
      • Plug the home charging adapter into any 110V wall outlet.
      • Plug the other end of the home charging adapter into the input port of the jump starter.
    • To charge from a vehicle's 12V socket
      • Plug the car Charging adapter into the vehicle's 12V socket
      • Plug the other end of the Car charging adapter into the input port of the jump starter
  • Charging Mobile Devices
    • Plug the USB charging cable into the USB 5V / 2.1A output port of the jump starter
    • Select the appropriate connector for your mobile device and insert it into the charging port of your device 
  • Flashlight / Emergency Light Operation 
  • Jump Start a Vehicle 


  • Jump Starter
    • Lithium Polymer Battery : Work light 1 LED / 30 Lumens
    • Peak current : 500A
    • Input : 15V/1A
    • Starting current : 200A 
    • Output : 5V/2A
  • Smart Jumper Cables 
    • Input Voltage : 12 V
    • Cable Length : Red - 11 inches / Black - 12.6 inches
    • Thickness of wire : 10 AWG
    • Clamp Material : Copper Alloy
  • Model K09S
    • Housing Material ABS
    • Size 174*80*41mm
    • Color Red, green, blue
    • Total capacity 60000mAh
    • Battery Type P8642125W
    • Battery Materials Lithium Cobaltate
    • USB output 5V/2.1A
    • DC output 12V/16V/19V/3.5A
    • Enter 15V/1A
    • Charging time is about 5 hours
    • Discharge time (USB) about 6 hours
    • Starting current 200A
    • Peak current 600A
    • Working temperature -20°C~+60°C
    • Charge and discharge cycles 300 times
    • Weight 473g
    • Function "1. Start 12V gasoline vehicle (≤5000cc)
    • 2. Charging mobile phones and other digital products
    • 3. Charge laptops, car refrigerators, etc.
    • 4. LED lights, flash, SOS distress signal

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