Aiko 1.2mm E71T-GS MIG wire (Gasless, Flux Core Type) | 15kg / box | Model : MW-F12

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Aiko 1.2mm E71T-GS MIG wire (Gasless, Flux Core Type) | 15kg / box  | Model : MW-F12

Features : 

  • E71T-GS  Gasless Flux Cored Welding Wire, no need gas shield:
  • AWS E71T-GS self-shield flux cored wire designed for welding thin carbon and carbon-manganese steels in all positions.
  • Shielding gas is not required, All positions, Single and multi-pass welding,
  • Low spatter, Full slag coverage, Easy slag removal, Porosity free, Good bead appearance.
  • Easily removable slag, versatility; suitable for welding Galvanized & Zinc-Coated plates as well.
  • Applications include Automobile body repairs, Tanks, Boilers, Steel structural works (large thickness), Earthworks and Construction works.
  • To be used on DCEN = Direct Current, Electrode Negative (Straight Polarity).
  • Great for Welding Outdoors or in Drafty Conditions. 

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