Tsurumi #LSP1.4S-52 Pump Discharge Bore 1hp 50hz 25mm | Model : LSP1.4S

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Tsurumi #LSP1.4S-52 Pump Discharge Bore 1hp 50hz 25mm  | Model : LSP1.4S

Features : 

  • The LSP pump is a single-phase portable self-priming residue drainage pump incorporating a submersible motor. The suction attachment, supplied as standard, makes the pump drain water down to floor level. It is lightweight and easy to carry, as the major components are made of aluminum alloy and synthetic rubber. Since it incorporates a submersible motor, there is absolutely no problem even it is submerged in water.
  • Flow - Thru Design 
  • Anti Wicking Cable Entry 
  • Motor Protector 
  • Dual Inside Mechanical Seal
  • Oil Lifer 
  • V-Ring
  • Rubber Stand
  • Free - Positioning Suction Attachment
  • Reverse - Flow Prevention Mechanism

Specifications : 

  • Model : LSP1.4S
  • Suction x Discharge Bore : 25 x  25 mm
  • Motor output : 0.48 kW 
  • Phase : Single 
  • Staring Method : Capacitor Run 
  • Max Capacity : 50 L/min
  • Max Vacuum : -73.3 (-550) kPa 
  • Dry Weight : 16.5 kg
  • Cable Length : 5m 

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