Electric Engraver and Marking Pen | Model : EG-TH-1-YM

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Electric Engraver and Marking Pen | Model : EG-TH-1-YM


The product is extensively applicable to carving for the materials metals, chinaware and marbles and so on. It's reasonably designed, delicate and easy to use. It's welcomed by consumers after it's been put out. Many factories and sellers make secret marks for their own products, eliminate worries from returning goods, reduce unnecessary losses and remove the disturbance in the rear.


  • The product cannot be used continually for half an hour in summer and an hour in winter in consideration of coils.
  • It ought to be examined whether there is leakage of electricity for safety.
  • It is place out of reach of children.


  • Material of shell: Nylon
  • Voltage: AC220-240V
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Input Power: 25W
  • Made in China.

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