MCC 350W 60Hz 1" Threading Machine | Model: MCC-MCC250

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MCC 350W 60Hz 1" Threading Machine | Model: MCC-MCC250


  • The MCC Model No.250 Threading Machine is an electric motor-driven machine that centers and chucks the pipe and rotates it while cutting, reaming and threading operations are performed. Threading dies are mounted in the automatic opening die head. An integral oiling system is provided to flood the work with thread cutting oil during the threading operations.


  • Model: MCC250
  • Size: 1" Machine
  • Capacity: (Pipe) 1/4" to 1" BSPT
  • Motor: Single phase 350W, 50/60Hz series motor, adaptable to local voltage
  • Rotation Speed: High Speed 52 rpm, (60Hz) without load
  • Weight: 21kg
  • Dimension: 372mm(L) x 324mm(W) x 310mm(H)

Standard Accessories

  • Pipe Die Head(Self-Opening): 1 set 1/2" - 1" BSPT
  • Pipe Dies: 1 set 1/2" - 3/4" BSPT & 1" BSPT
  • Cutting Oil 1 litter
  • Machine Cover 1 piece
  • Hex Key: 3mm, 5mm each 1 piece

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