Zupper Hydraulic Busbar Punch | Model : ZUPPER-CH-70


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Zupper Hydraulic Busbar Punch | Model : ZUPPER-CH-70

Features :

  • Punching the different kinds of metal sheet up to 10mm
  • It can match hand pump CP-700 or electric pump
  • High-strength return spring for rapid cylinder retraction
  • High-hardness of material for punching die, easier for operation
  • Half-opened casting body, widely used in different areas

Specifications :

Max thickness of sheet : 12mm

Punching force : 350KN

Stroke : 42mm

Depth of throat : 100mm

Height : Approx. 350mm

Weight : Approx. 33.3kg

Accessories : 3/8"(⌽10.5), 1.2"(⌽13.8), 5/8"(⌽17), 3/4"(⌽20.5)

***Note : Used it for Cu/Al plate

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