Enoc #PA46-18 Spiro Synthetic Screw Compressor Oil 18L | Model: OIL-EPA4618

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Enoc #PA46-18 Spiro Synthetic Screw Compressor Oil 18L | Model: OIL-EPA4618

Product Description :

ENOC SPIRO PA oils are a range of high performance polyalphaolefins (PAO) based synthetic compressor lubricants giving the very best performance in rotary flooded air compressors to provide long service life in extreme operating conditions.

Applications :

  • Rotary oil-flooded screw and vane compressors
  • Compressors operating in extreme ambient conditions
  • Two stage Compressors operating at high pressures and temperatures
  • Critical compressor applications where long life oil life, and high performance operations are required

Performance Standards : NF-ISO 6743 DAJ

Benefits :

  • Optimization of compressor efficiency
  • Extended oil drain intervals up to 8000 hours with lubricant analysis monitoring
  • Excellent resistance to carbon build-up
  • Very high viscosity index to cover a wide temperature of operations
  • Excellent low volatility characteristics to reduce oil consumption

Technical Data :

Density @ 15℃ : 0.862

Viscosity, mm²/s @ 40℃ : 46

Viscosity Index : 139

Flash Point, COC, ℃ : 255

Pour Point, ℃ : -42

Product code : 245057

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