Enoc Spiro Screw Compressor Oil Grade 46 18L | Model: OIL-ERS4618

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Enoc Spiro Screw Compressor Oil Grade 46 18L | Model: OIL-ERS4618

Product Description :

ENOC SPIRO RS Oils have been specially developed to give long trouble free service life under challanging conditions found in the application of oil-flooded rotary sliding vane and air screw compressors. They incorporate high temperature oxidation inhibitors blended into highly refined and selected paraffinic narrow cut base stocks that provide excellent oxidation stability as measured by ASTM D-943 test and rust and corrosion inhibitors. The unique properties of SPIRO RS Oils can make a significant contribution to reducing maintenance costs as their properties will extend oil life through the reduction in the formation of lacquers and deposits.

Applications :

  • Oil flooded rotary screw air compressors used in mobile and industrial applications
  • Sliding vane oil flooded air compressors not requiring anti-wear type of lubricant
  • Rotary air compressors used in marine applications

Benefits :

  • Reduced maintenance costs through outstanding oxidation stability to resist the formation of harmful carbon deposits
  • Long service life capabilities in stationary applications up to 4000 hours where oil analysis is used
  • Good demulsibility characteristics
  • Effective control of foam and air release
  • Mobile equipment with oil life up to 1000 hours

Technical Data :

Density at 15℃ : 0.8724 

Viscosity, mm²/s @ 40℃ : 46

Viscosity, mm²/s @ 100℃ : 6.7

Viscosity Index : 95

Flash Point, COC, ℃ : 210

Pour Point, ℃ : -15

Product code : 245002

***Not recommended for use in compressors used to fill air-breathing equipment

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