Enoc Axis 68 Hydraulic Oil 18L #68-18 | Model: OIL-E6818

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Enoc Axis 68 Hydraulic Oil 18L #68-18 | Model: OIL-E6818

Product Description :

Enoc Axis is a premium range of quality hydraulic fluids designed for service in Industrial high pressure hydraulic systems and mobile equipment. It is produced from highly refined paraffinic base stocks and provides excellent protection against wear in a wide range of pumps and in all the active hydraulic components. Designed to provide long fluid life and trouble free operation. Inhibited to protect the hydraulic system against corrosion and water displacement properties.

Applications :

  • A wide variety of industrial applications including hydraulic systems using vane, gear or piston pumps, some makes of rotary compressors, turbine worm gear units and machine tool hydraulic systems.
  • Mobile and construction equipment, marine deck equipment, hydrostatic transmissions, hydraulic drives and couplings, air-line lubricators, enclosed gears, etc, where an anti-wear performance is specified.

Performance Standards :

AXIS meets and exceeds the following OEM and International specifications :

DIN : 51524/2

AFNOR : NFE 48-603 HM

US Steel 127, 136

Denison HF-2, HF-0

Cincinnati Milacron P-68, P-69, P-70

Vickers 1-286-S3, M-2950-S

ISO L- 6743-4 HM

Benefits :

  • Suitable for wide range of hydraulic applications
  • Outstanding hydraulic pump performance
  • Superior thermal and oxidation stability
  • Excellent hydrolytic stability and demulsibility characteristics
  • Protection against rust and corrosion
  • Effective control of foam and air release
  • Excellent wet and dry filter ability

Technical Data :

Kinematic Viscosity mm2/s @ 40℃ : 68

Kinematic Viscosity mm2/s @ 100℃ : 8.7

Viscosity Index : 95

Flash Point (℃) : 236

Pour Point, (°C) : -15

FZG Damage load Stage : 11

Product Code : 240003

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